Beware! Old Young Boys Club Might Be An Adult Content Website According To Bing Ads

Bing Ads is just AWESOME! It will give you a coupon code for $100 in search advertising once you registered. So why not use it? I created my first campaign for this little website and got a surprise joy immediately. It was disapproved. The reason is…Bing Ads said my blogger violate its Adult Content Policy. Yes, ADULT CONTENT POLICY.

As an Old Young Boy, I always appreciated those who made joy for us. I’m pretty grateful for the algorithm invented by Microsoft Bing Ads team. I submitted an exception case immediately. But that’s obviously not enough, so I opened an online chat with its customer service representative. Honestly speaking Bing Ads provided great service better than I expected, I just went away for 3 minutes and didn’t reply in time, then a phone call reached me directly. But it spent me at least five minutes to understand she is the representative I am talking to - and she calls me from Philippines! I thought it was a spam call at first!

She helped me to expedite the review process and hopefully this campaign will be approved the next week. However, I am very interested in the issue of Bing Ads algorithm and would follow up continuously to know exactly what happened. I once doubt whether the funny tool “thef*ck” I mentioned in [5 Github Repositories Will Make Your Day]”" confused Bing Ads. I would report an issue in the GitHub repository if it’s really the reason for my wonderful experience with Bing Ads.

Maybe it’s time to read the inspiring story of how Microsoft NT team fight with numerous bugs and shipped the historic product. Meanwhile, it would be also beneficial to know more about bugs. Happy Reading!