Secret of the Tech Lead - The Hidden Set Items

So you don’t know who The Tech Lead is?!😱 You are out! Just repent and watch this video for at least 7 times first!

You will definitely be shocked and eager to know, what made Patrick Shyu, TheTechLead, such a cool man, absolutely awesome?

I found the secrets after I watched all the videos in TheTechLead’s youtube chanel: IT’S ABOUT EQUIPMENTS and GEARS! He got the ultimate set items Blizzard had not released for Wizard only! It’s called “Legends of The Tech Lead” and there are 6 items. I just got to know how awesome they are and like to introduce them one by one to you.

No.1 Insight of The Tech Lead

“I’m telling you, this lamp is the good stuff.” - says TheTechLead and it’s true. Adventurers in dark dungeons will always find this gear their best friend.

  • +8 to light radius
  • +75 to Intelligence
  • 25% Chance To Cast Level 20 Lightning Bolt

No.2 Meditation of The Tech Lead

“What’s in my tech backpack in 2018?(ex-Google software engineer gets you setup)”. When TheTechLead meditates in a small wood house he gains more and more strength from within, and a small kid always find the backpack laid before him.

  • +100 to Max Mana
  • +80 to Mana Regeneration
  • -15% Faster Run Walk
  • Damage taken reduced by 75%
  • 50% Chance To Cast Level 33 Frost Nova

No.3 Gaze of The Tech Lead

This is the ultimate double handed weapon that every warrior would like to have. Immortal King will be jealous of this item, as for Tal RaSha, he flee to 7 ancient tombs no one could find because of unbearable fear.

  • +7 to All Skills
  • +75% Faster Run Walk
  • +30% Increase Attack Speed
  • +8000% Magical Damage, +150% to Physical Damage
  • +150 Vitality while equipped with ‘Meditation of The Tech Lead’

No.4 Gentleness of The Tech Lead

The Tech Lead organizes all his stuff well and never forget where they are. His gentleness poured into this mysterious gear and will refresh every adventurers wondering in dungeons, until they see a dragon.

  • +50% Chance of Magic Find
  • +50% Chance to Convert Enemies
  • +50% Chance to Cast Holy Shock

No.5 First Aid of The Tech Lead

“You can not prevent monsters to hurt you, but you can prevent blood keeping going out from you.” - Says The Tech Lead after he fought with JOMA. This epic battle was sung by poets generation after generation.

  • +200 to Life Regeneration
  • +200 to Vitality
  • Prevent Monster Heal
  • +33% Chance to Cast Level 100 Thorns when hit by monster

No.6 Fury of The Tech Lead

“I only got angry when the engine of my car cannot start. When I use this Jump Starter my fury increases and increases, and then with my loudest shout, all monsters flee away from me.” - Says The Tech Lead after his return from Japan.

  • +200 to Fury Regeneration
  • +800% Damage
  • -30% Defense
  • 50% Chance to Change Appearance to TheTechLead for 6 Seconds

Blizzard set drop rate of these sem items to 0.123456789% only. Don’t worry, you can and will get them, ONE DAY! JUST KEEP SEARCHING!