Even TheTechLead Himself Cannot Design A Good Logo!

As an Old Young Boy, it’s really not easy to make a logo for Old Young Boys Club. The logo below, built in 10 minutes using some free online service, is super awesome, right?😅

I was a crazy soccer fun when I was young, at that time a soccer club named “Newells Old Boys(纽维尔老伙计)” attracted me(by its name only, man), I got to know that the mighty Gabriel Batistuta played there at 1988.

You can see that the logo at 1988 is a little bit different from that of 2016.

The Newells Old Boys did a great job! To admit this is somewhat sad, immediately I realized a question, how difficult, will it be, to design a logo, then? I’ve heard that Steve Jobs paid $100,000 to Paul Rand for logos like this:

Sounds ridiculous, right? But if TheTechLead cannot design a good logo like this, how can a man, like me, to dream about $100,000 based on my two logos built in 10 minutes?

There is too much stuff you need to learn, dude. You would find that these books worthy to read and practice.

Will you have a try, and design a bunch of logos worthy $100,000 and sell to another Steve Jobs? Just Do It! If you cannot sell to them then just donate to me, I will take care of them well.