Farewell: Brothers and Sisters

11 brothers and sisters departed for China in the past two weeks, and today I just found my heart was emptied and filled with sadness. After living and working together for about 4 years, remembering the happy and hard days we experienced together, it’s just overwhelming and I had to pray a lot both for them and for myself.

They went back to China to fulfill their commission and it would be not that sad as our Father God will be with them, but we are just mankind and always emotional, at this time, I would pray that their sacrifice and commitment be pleased by God, and may our shepherd guide their way in the future as always.

Months ago, I heard that an old Pastor said something like this, “don’t bring them to me again, as after they gone back, my heart was emptied and could not stand. They are like daughters to me and the time with them is too happy that I cannot bear the time when I have to say goodbye to them”.

And today I just have similar feelings, even though I am not a man focusing on relationship much.

It’s a community of love in God’s 3 persons, the Father, the Son, and the Spirit. If love is something connected so deeply, then how sad it would be, when the Father had to abandon the Son, when the Son had to be abandoned by the Father as an atonement? What kind of pain and bitterness would it be for Heavenly Father, when Lord Jesus was crucified?

Farewell, my brothers and sisters, “your labour is not in vain in the Lord”.