Java Never Sleep Launched!

It has been 2 months since I launched my personal blogger “Old Young Boys Club”, I wrote about Soccer, Joke, and Java here. I also published them to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Reddit. Some of them attracted readers more than I expected, some of them, though I wrote with much effort and dedication, just keep silent:) Now I made a decision to focus on Java stuff mainly and will update regularly at another blogger: Java Never Sleep! It’s about Java and only about Java. Welcome, my friend!

In the beginning of this year 2019, I setup a goal to build the best Java tutorial in the web for beginners. Sounds crazy but this goal drove me a lot and I got to know many new stuff I didn’t know previously. Since I’m teaching 12 students at Olivet Insititute of Technology, I hope to summarize what I’ve learned in the past and finalize all materials well.

And very immediately 30 days passed, looking back on the past 30 days, I can honestly say that I didn’t waste too much time, though sometimes I really felt powerless to continue. But stick to the goal till the end is something I firmly believe, so I will try my best to achieve my goal.

Java Never Sleep. Me not, me need sleep and actually sleep. However, my goal won’t sleep, my passion won’t and my prayer won’t.