Jianye Dai: The Li Po, Tu Fu and Tao Yuan Ming You Never Knew

I just laughed to tears after I watched over this video.πŸ˜‚ Jianye Dai, perhaps one of the oldest rock star at TikTok, gave the most humorous and informative interpretations about Li Po, Tu Fu, and Tao Yuan Ming. You just cannot miss this, man!

This guy is a true Old Young Boy. As a professor of Central China Normal University, he had his unique style to attract students. I would say that it is very difficult for a teacher like him to be not successful, as he is passionate, romantic, humorous and also serious. As a Chinese, I’ve recited many poems by Li Po, Tu Fu, and Tao Yuan Ming, but it seems that I never knew them until I understand the context, background of those poems from Old Dai. Below is just a sample, for more videos, you would visit this collection.

Read these books while listening to this Old Young Boy, all things bright and beautiful!